Hope For Mother And Community Enligtenment Initiative
What We Do
  • Women's and Children's Health
  • Health Care Education & Promotion
  • Environmental Services
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Volunteer Efforts
  • Health Systems Strengthening
  • Health Affairs
  • General Environmental services
  • Global Health Expertise
  • Water bore hole project/Water Supply
  • Ultratronics Systems Services / Solar Energy, Inverter and UPS Provider
Since 2010 Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative (HMCEI) has worked to make health care available for people around. We are committed to long-term sustainable health care. Our work includes Women and children’s health, educating health professionals and community health workers, Environmental Services, which includes Geographical Information System (GIS), Gully Erosion Modeling and control, Oil spill Monitoring, Pollution Monitoring, Waste Management (Soil waste),Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Monitoring. Strengthening health systems, water bore hole project/supply, building and installation of Solar Power Panels, Inverters and UPS for effective and steady power supply, and fighting diseases such as chronic disease, Hiv/Aids, Malaria, Typhoid and diabetes and providing humanitarian assistance through cheap medicines, medical /nutritional supplement and volunteer medical help.
  • Women's and Children's Health
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative has the health of women and children lies at the core. Each year, nearly 8 million children under 5 years of age die from diseases, while over 600,000 women die in childbirth annually; yet most of these deaths are preventable.
 Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative focus on teaching mothers and caregivers on proper prenatal care and how to keep infants and children healthy, and when to seek care at a health facility. Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative also works to build the skills of health care workers to ensure high quality services at all levels strengthening the linkage between communities, health facilities, and tertiary care hospitals. Our programs frequently include an economic strengthening component for women to facilitate paying for costs associated with health and the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children.
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Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative has implemented some funded Child Survival projects since 2010 focusing on immunization, child nutrition, Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI), and prevention and treatment of diarrhea and pneumonia. Projects have been implemented in a diverse range of Nigerian state and few African countries, including Togo, BeninRepublic and Cameroon, all in West Africa, and we are focused on moving more to all parts of the world, if a sustainable support could come to us.  Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative hopefully planed to establish a health complex in any of the covered areas.
Poverty is one of the greatest barriers to a decent quality of life in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole According to some surveys, nearly 65 percent of the country’s population is impoverished, and 40 percent live on $1 per day or less.  For women in Nigeria, poverty can be particularly challenging. That is why, Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative had a budget to establish a health complex in all the cities they step in, so that life will be at their door post..  Through the program, women are offered access to financial capital and personal savings mechanisms.  At the same time and through the same program, the women are offered access to important health information.
  • Health Care Education & Promotion
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative helps in training the staff necessary to operate hospitals, clinics and community health programs in the poorest regions of the world. Programs range from the training of community health promoters in areas such as primary health care, reproductive health, and maternal and children’s health, We use a “train the trainer” methodology in which local health professionals are taught how to teach others what they have learnt in HMCEI. This approach has resulted in more than 60 health care workers trained over the course of our history.
Aims and Objectives of Public Health Teaching
  • Aims
To provide course participants with the necessary theoretical knowledge, which when combined with appropriate practical experience, can serve as a foundation for a career as a public health professional in either a service or an academic setting.
  • Objectives
By the end of the course participants should:
  • Have a sound understanding of basic epidemiological theory and be able to apply it in a practical setting
  • Be able to identify, synthesis and criticize relevant published research literature
  • Have the necessary skills to be able to analyze public health problems including: -
    • selection of appropriate measures to describe the health status of populations and groups
    • selection of appropriate measures by which to compare and rank public health problems
    • the quantitative attribution of public health problems to their modifiable (putative) causes
    • assessment of the potential benefit from the modification of causal exposures
    • quantifying the uncertainty of quantities of public health interest
    • Have developed a critical approach to the evaluation of their own and others research and analytic work
    • Understand the sociological perspective on the experience of health and illness and of the evolution and functioning of medical institutions
    • Understand the methods needed to control environmental and communicable hazards
    • Understand the principles involved in the design and conduct of health promotion programs
    • Understand the principles involved in the management of health service organizations and in planning the future development of health services
    • Understand the principles involved in the economic assessment of health and of services for its protection and restoration
    • Understand the main legal and ethical principles relevant to public health work
The components of public health are: 
1. Control of environmental health risks say pollutive agents, carcinogenic agents 
2.  Appraisal and regulation of health risks associated with emergent technology, biotechnology. GM foods for example 
3.  Providing food security and nutrition 
4.  Regulation of hazardous products 
5.  Control and regulation of infectious diseases. 
6.  Access to health services and medicines 
Environmental Services
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Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative are equipped with the necessary GIS components “ Computer, Software’s, Data’s, Personnel and Procedures” to manage Ecological and Environmental problems through effective and efficient designing, capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing and displaying of all forms ofdxGeographically referenced information. We are structured to sustainable development objective through adherence to environmental and Health standard in the implementation of GIS procedures towards rectifying and resolving ecological/ environmental problems. We make use of Arc GIS 93,10.0 to execute our task.
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Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative is capable of caring out survey on gully site, generating a point map that will be interpolated to produce a contour map that shows varying elevation of the terrain. This data is converted to TIN layer where further analysis are perfumed and visualized in 3D Nero using Arc scene. Thus the Environmentally degraded areas “Gully” will be seen and we carry out other control measures like hydrological survey to quantify flood and its direction, vulnerability, trend and access analyses and prediction etc, to stage manage and control the flood/overland flows causing the erosion.
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Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative we are capable of carrying out field work on physiochemical and microbial analysis of pollutants at point and ambient source. We interpret our result into our GIS data base with further environmental parameter monitored, and carry out special analysis to ensure the confirmation of the environmental parameter to environmental standards, subsequently we predict the rate of deputation and necessary action that will be taken to mitigate and remediate the environment and we give further information that can save as a decision making process
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative is capable of analyzing composite maps of anywhere in addition to its topography, soil and Geologic maps together with their population density and land use patterns and generates with due respect to WHO standards and criteria, a temporary solid waste collective points and a permanent site for sanitary landfill that is devoid of environmental (Air Water and Soil/Land) pollution and maintains the  aesthetic beauty 0f the environment while daily activities goes on.
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Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative  is fully engage in this, once a proposed project is screened to required partial or full environmental impact assessment, we are capable of executing EIA- Processes through scoping the project, baseline studies of the areas, impact identification, prediction, evaluation mitigation and review of the EIA process. We unite the environmental impact statement (EIS) that is sent for Driff Approval
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Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative is capable of monitoring oil spill, delineating affected areas with land text imageries, analyzing spill effects on biospecies and administering control measures to prevent further spill and remediating spilled areas to arrive at sustainable environmental quality.
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Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative we can model any scenery in the environment and establish a data base with control procedures that will lead us to sustainable development objectives.
  • Humanitarian Aid
One of the missions of Hope For Mother And Community Enlightenment Initiative in Humanitarian Assistance program is twofold; provide emergency assistance where disasters strike and strengthen our educational programs and facilities with medicines, nutritional supplement, and medical products.
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While Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative is not always among the first organizations to bring medical products into an area affected by a natural or man-made disaster, our strategy is to provide long-term access to vital medicines and supplies, even after the attention of the outside world has moved on to other issues                       
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  • Volunteer Efforts
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative was founded on the willingness of Public Health Officer/Advisers, Doctors, Nutritionist, Geologists, Human Recourses development , nurses , scientist, Engineers, and other medical volunteers to travel the globe  to provide medical care, health education and humanitarian assistance to people in need.
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As a result of this work, we are expanding our volunteer efforts to rural areas that is, to the grass root, to provide long-term health care and reform. This year alone we have sent some volunteers to some part of the country, Cameroon, Togo , Benin Republic, and essentially have done so good in the immediate country and state of residence, Imo State Nigeria and hope to move to other places in the near future.
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  • Health Systems Strengthening
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative has helped to build, support and train the staff necessary to operate hospitals and clinics, especially those targeted to the needs of children and old people. These facilities provide a unique vehicle through which training resources can be focused thus making the maximum contribution to the improvement of the health of children in developing nations. These facilities also serve as national training centers to train physicians, nurses, administrators and allied health professionals from across their respective countries or regions.
  • Health Affairs 
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative has immensely help by using medical electronic gadgets in the screening and diagnosing patients in cities and in the rural communities. This has perfectly contributed in the excellence system of health remedies of the HMCEI. Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative has grounded firm in rescoring and relieving poor women and children in the environment, there by bringing life to their door post.
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative has however been fully in charge of serving life during the outbreak of some diseases in the communities.
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  • Global Health Expertise
Delivering public health to the grass root ,health education, medicines and supplement, supplies and volunteers where needed
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  • Water bore hole project/Water Supply
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative, has teamed and gone a long way with Geowins Energy Consult, in drilling of bore hole to the community. And to the reach of poor women and children.
It is the mission of Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative, to adopt strict measures in conducting its operations so as to ensure the safety of persons and properties and maintain a leadership role in our services with our numerous clients.
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Our goal aside from providing satisfactory services is to be the leading provider of hydro-geology, geotechnical, environmental, engineering and inspection services in Nigeria and world at large. Geowins energy consult was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing professional borehole water drilling services, Surface and Ground water resources investigation, evaluation, development and management.  The company has a desire to effectively meet the increasing demands and needs for water in our communities.
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Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative and Geowins energy consult to giving its clients high quality services through an integrated atmosphere where exchange of technical ideas and methods flow. We enhance information flow within us to our clients as well as to and from external technical associations and partners.  Careful attention is paid to the method of Hydrogeology, Water Engineering, Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation and other Ground water services.
The company is endowed with formidable experience and specialization in all aspects of Hydrogeology and Water Engineering.  Our goal is to provide our numerous clients with complete in-house services that will be timely executed, effectively managed and cost effective.
The company took time to employ well-qualified and experienced Water Engineers, Hydro-geologists, Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists and other professionals to form a solid team.  Our team can effectively execute important water engineering services to meet client's specification and satisfaction using the most modern methods in water drilling and under-ground water management.  Class of projects the company has capability to execute includes but not limited to water bore hole drilling and distribution, water treatment plants and geophysical survey and underground water management.
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative has well-trained safety outfit to ensure accident free operations. The company has standard safety policy manual, which is strictly adhered to by all employees. This attests to the fact that the company is yet to have operational injury resulting to disability or fatality since inception. This is an enviable record, which we cannot compromise.  Our commitment to ensure that our men are healthy and work in a safe and secured environment has earned us awards from many clients, which we have rendered services to.
  • Ultratronics Systems Services / Solar Energy, Inverter and UPS Provider
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative has been a powerful source of Solar Energy, Inverter and UPS to the communities. Solar power has been the main source of water supply to the rural communities where electric power and other source has been difficult to get into. However, the poor masses are unable to have water at their point of need within this vicinity. They have applied the cost effective and reliable means of it supplier to the community,
Hope for Mother and Community Enlightenment Initiative has used Ultratronics Systems  which is fast becoming a giant in power electronics, industrial Automation and hardware solutions and services. Our clientele base, which is next to none, has cut across financial institutions, companies, and government establishments, manufacturing companies and trading concerns.
We have clear understanding and experience of the requirements of the rural communities, poor women and their children and industrial sector. We provide effective Project Management that offers a complete solution which meets client’s requirements, and will provide means of achieving major cost savings that ensures high returns for our clients.
We have provided devices such as power protection systems, industrial UPS, Industrial Stabilizers, inverters and solar based equipment used by production industries to ensure outstanding power backup for 3phase equipment, pumps, boilers, PLC, Communication radios and satellite based systems to ensure constant services 24hrs a day and 7 days a week.
However we provide Solar borehole system, This is a cost effective and reliable source of water supply to the home and communities especially in the ares where public power supply is less efficient. Making use of Photovoltaic panels to produce electricity from sunlight, these have no moving parts so are therefore very reliable. They work well in hot or cold weather.  It also uses solar water pumps which are designed to utilise DC electric power from photovoltaic panels. They work for long hours during low light conditions at reduced power source without overheating or damage.
We are passionate about meeting the most challenging technical demands and environmental conditions of the world’s energy users with clean, efficient solutions. With pioneering technology from abroad and our premier vendor partners, we offer innovative systems that improve performance and return on investment while reducing operation and maintenance cost. We back our products with exceptional customer service, training and technical support. Working together with our customers, we build the best solution.
  • How does a solar pump work?
A solar electric or solar panel array generates electricity from the sun’s light with no moving or wearing parts. A solar pump is designed to utilize the direct current from the array efficiently, even as the energy production varies throughout the day. What happens when the sun doesn’t shine? Depending on the application, a solar pumping system may use a water storage tank, which acts like a “Water Battery“ during cloudy weather. Is a solar water pump system more expensive than a“conventional” system? Where utility power isn’t readily available solar systems are often the most economical option. Factoring in ALL costs, such as installation, fuel, maintenance and waste, solar water pumping is often less expensive than generators, windmills, and running electrical lines. With a solar water pump system a customer has an accurate forecast of the cost to run and maintain their pump system because they have paid their energy costs “up front.” There may be tax credits and incentives that lower investment costs.
  • Solar Borehole Installations
Low volume pumps use positive displacement mechanisms, which seal water in cavities and force it upward, lift capacity is maintained even while pumping slowly. These differ from conventional centrifugal pumps which need to spin rapidly to work efficiently. A controller or current booster is used in most solar pumps; this is an electronic device that acts like an automatic transmission, helping the pump to start and not stall in weak sunlight.
1500 gallons Solar water project in osun state
Compared with windmills, solar pumps are less expensive and much easier to install and maintain. If a GPS tracking array is used to tilt the panels as the sun moves across the sky, this will increases the water produced by approximately 30%. At night the panels revert to a horizontal position to reduce wind resistance. Storage tanks are generally used as reservoirs to gravity feed to several troughs. control can either be carried out by a float switch situated in the tank or by pressure.
  • Solar Pumps and Capacities
High efficiency solar water pumps are the most economical and reliable solution for all off-grid water supply demands.  solar water pumps can pump more water from as deep as in 200 meters with less solar panel using a solar tracker than any other pump in the market.
They are super efficient (high volume of water per watt of solar power applied), can pump water from depths up to 760 feet and require no regular maintenance so you can just set it and forget it. Plus, all of the electronics are located in the above ground controller box leaving just the motor and pump head in the well which makes system trouble shooting easier and minimizes the need to pull the pump out of the well.
1000 gallons Solar water project otulu delta state
There are 3 different versions of pumping systems available depending on how much water you need and from what depth.
The small PS200 system will deliver water from up to 165’ and is designed to work with a 24-48V nominal 80-250 watt solar array. The midsized PS600 will deliver water from up to 600’ and is designed to work with a 48-72V nominal 300-840 watt solar array.
The large PS1200 will deliver water from up to 760’ and is designed to work with a 72-96V nominal 350-1200 watt solar array.  The helical motor pumps are best suited for deep well applications that require relatively low volumes of water while the centrifugal pumps are best suited for shallow well applications (65’ or less) where high volumes of water are needed.
Solar water pumps are high efficiency pumps specifically designed to run directly from solar panels. Coupled with a Pump Controller, they continue to pump in low light conditions such as cloud cover, early morning and late afternoons.
The most common variety of solar pumps are submersible borehole pumps which, as the name suggests, are generally used for bore pumping applications where water is pumped from depths of up to 230m below ground level.
  • Solar Panels
Solar panels forms an integral part of the solar water project. It could be mounted above the tank as shown in the picture or it could be installed on a base platform seperated from the tank. Solar array sizing is dependent on the power the solar-pumping application can get. For example a 48-volt DC pump will require a minimum of four nominal 12-volt solar modules (4x12) while the current drawn by the pump will determine the power in wattage of the solar panels.
The advantage with Solar Borehole system is that at most rural areas, this pump will be more affordable than the electric cabling and electric pump! Now the running cost is a saving directly to the community  with reliability.
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